Artist Statement


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I frequently crossed the Benicia-Martinez bridge and was captivated by the mothballed naval fleet moored along the bank of the Carquinez Strait. By now, these ships have been stripped down for their raw materials, but the image has persisted in my memory and has become the inspiration for my current body of work.

Consisting of vaguely ship like forms; my work embodies a sense of apprehension. Juxtaposed patterns haphazardly stack together referencing a disrupted uniformity. A roughly honed base and uneven footing hints at instability. Although my work relies on subject matter, it is the visual devices of line, pattern, color and texture where my work develops its content.

It is for these reasons that I consider myself a formalist. When we make objects, our true convictions are expressed with imperfect lines and blurred edges.

                           -Jeffrey Thurston